Friday, 8 January 2010

another year another go at things
I don't really make "new years resolutions" since I pretty much dont bother to make any lol

at any rate this is just a little list of things I wanna finish up at some point:
get floor 100 and gear

Aht urghan:
finish mission/quest line , atm I am stuck on "the dark path" which also blocks me from rank up in assauts... (bah)

wotg missions:
Daughter of a knight

wotg quests:
lost in translocation
Weekly adventurer
Hammering hearts
Fire in the hole
Succor to the sidhe

Moogle is DONE

Shantotto ascension:
need hexes and final fight

A crystalline prophecy
am rdy to give the last fight a go, got the seeds gathered, and the keyitem needed to enter.

Sandoria Rank missions:
am on the last mission for rank 10, fight in Fei'Yin Qubai arena (or however the hell you spell it)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

things to do, well at some point lol

Nation quests present:
Get Sandoria to rank 10, and perhaps move on to bastok
thats it in that department

Aht Urghan Areas:

Get a damn static of some sort and get floor 100 and look into getting gear from there


Path of darkness
Been stuck on that one for a while now, I am ready to rank up in assaults but seeing as this is still open.. no can do. (currently I'm Tier3 )



In the name of the father.

need to have some nation quests done
Nation quests,

Bastok: Fire in the hole DONE

Sandoria : Wrath of the griffon (I can probably solo it, but knowing my luck lol.) DONE

Windurst: Feast for gnats DONE

that's pretty much it,
most ppl have a meter's long list of: I wanna get this [insert piece of equip] and I want to finish upgrading this etc etc.

at this point I do not have access to a HNM or a static that does runs my time, I live in the Netherlands so and I am not as much of an night-owl like Darkdawn or Omoikitte lol (I want to know your secret Omoi, DD isnt too hard to grasp he sucks at sleeping lol)

aaaanyway, messing around in windy for a bit and try getting that keyitem that lets me enter toraimai canal from windy lol

Friday, 16 October 2009

Nuking your moogle can be SO satisfying bwhahaha

bummy day

well I was planning on making a new shiny first post with some pictures of my just freshly minted lvl 73 BLM in her new shiny new Weskit with some new pieces I got on load from Darkdawn <3

Due to a damaged/worn out ribbon connector to my boot HD my windows was not booting up consistently when booting up my PC for the first time of the day (cold boot? I forgot what it is called)

First I thought my HDD was dying... which would suck since it is a 320 GB HDD (yes I know.. lol there are bigger ones out there ) and it's the younger sister to my old trusty 80 GB HDD (ahem Sister because their partitions are called : Urd , Belldandy, Skuld. Urd is the 80 GB HD)

Anyway, with the Mahatma Slops Dawn loaned me it also made me think about the RDM Gear setup for enfeebling. now , depending if it's black magic (INT) or white magic (MND) I came up with an interesting "Dillemma" INT/MND versus "magic accuracy" on enfeebling spells (I copied pieces from the Wiki here, only the pieces that are relevant to my "problem") -------------------------------------------------------------------- Intelligence

A stat that helps determine the effectiveness of Elemental Magic spells, Black Magic Enfeebling Magic spells, Black Magic Enhancing Magic spells, Ninjutsu and some Blue Magic magical spells.

A stat that determines the effectiveness of Healing Magic spells, White Magic Enhancing Magic spells and White Magic Enfeebling Magic spells.
well I did have the INT and MND correct concerning enfeebles now to look up the Enfeebling part itself.
Enfeebling Magic

Enfeebling magic encompasses spells that hamper players and mobs by imposing negative Status Effects or ailments when cast on the target.

Effects range from Damage Over Time, to lowering an attribute, to hindering movement or actions and even removing beneficial status effects.

Enfeebling Magic skill is the skill base from which Enfeebling Magic derives. It is most synonymous and most importantly relational to the resistance rate of all attack spells therein. In short, Enfeebling Magic Skill is the largest factor which determines if an Enfeebling Magic Spell is resisted or not. The skill also helps defend against spell interruptions for any spells in its category.


now ok all dandy and all, now where exactly does magic accuracy come into play with all this?


Magic Accuracy denotes the likelihood of a spell casting on a target not getting Resisted. Similar to a physical attack, status effect magic attacks can miss and result in a full resist of the spell. Elemental magic attacks are different as the target would still take damage but the damage dealt will be, at highest level of resistance, substantially smaller than normal. See the Resistance page for more information.

Raising Magic Accuracy directly increases the chance of a spell will land on the target without resist. However, the potency of the spell (e.g. the potency of paralyze or duration of another status effect spell) is not affected by simply raising Magic Accuracy. Attributes such as INT and MND raise the potency of their corresponding spells. It has been proven that one point of skill in the appropriate magic skill (e.g. Elemental Magic, Enfeebling Magic, ...) corresponds to one point of Magic Accuracy, and not .9.


now they do link to a page talking about a japanese player testing this out (resists acc etc)
now they talk about percentages and all and I'm not that mathematically inclined (anymore... lack of actually DOING any difficult maths, should work on that)

the blog itself is a interesting read and not hard to get, I just do not completely understand the tables and formulas he uses to help construct/support (?) this line of thought.

(why the hell do ppl like making things so horribly complicated, I blame SE on this one lol)

now back to the original "Dillemma of mine"

now the formula on the Ma-Acc page is:


  • When calculating the landing rate of a spell (without considering partial resists, see Magic Hit Rate), the game first calculates your total amount of magic accuracy :
M=Magic skill + M1 + M2
where M2 is your total magic accuracy from gear/merits and M1 is the contribution of your stats to magic accuracy :
δstat=(caster's stat)-(target's stat) M1
δstat ≤ 10 M1 = δstat
δstat≥10 M1=10+(δstat-10)/2
  • For elemental magic, and BLM enfeebling spells (sleep, poison, etc) M1 is determined by checking the INT of the caster and the target. For whm nukes and enfeebling spells, MND is considered.
It is unknown if gravity is checked against the target's AGI or INT.


Formula isn't that hard to figure out just the second part there I dont get completely lol


WHAT is better for enfeebling purposes,

8 INT /MND (from the mahatma slops)

or 2 Magic Accuracy (from Wise Braconi)?

and on another note: this has been the longest Post in YEARS coming from me I rarely post anything this long even on my Livejournal (fiction excluded mind you)

any thoughts on this? feel free to add on to this post or point me to a direction that has a better explanation of magic acc vs INT/Mnd